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12.10.2009   |    Alpha Screenshot 1.20 Update
New Features Update.

Following new features has been added in this release:
  Loading & saving screenshot composition projects (*.Screenshot extension). Enables saving of the whole composition scene including all editable parts such as annotations, lines, shapes and text, so it is possible now later improve or re-output whole scene for different scenarios.
  Capture What submenu - in main menu, contains now quick setting of the type of the capture mode for the Capture Key.
  Open output image folder icon for quick access to the folder on the output path.
  Save Image As ... - in right click menu of each image object. Allows quickly to save only a particular captured (or imported) image into its own image file.
  Improved application update. Installer now recognizes, if application is already installed and performs update by pushing just one "update" button.

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