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101+ Analog Clocks for Android

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Vector Clocks go mobile. Enjoy all the clocks right on your Android phone or tablet. The app is called 101+ Analog Clocks and is available from Amazon Appstore at very affordable price.

101+ Analog Clocks running on various phones.

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101+ Analog Clocks is an Android application, working as a home screen widgets or as a full screen app. In first step, you can add 2x2 or 3x3 clock widget to any of your home screens. Then, by tapping on the widget, particular clock runs in full screen mode showing also seconds hand and adjusting view by the phone orientation. The tap-on-widget action can be configured to do something else too. After change, it can run phone built-in alarms manager or flashlight. You can add multiple clock widgets on the same or different home screens. In full screen mode, you can switch among all added clock widgets by flicking to the left or right.

World Clock can be created easily. Each clock widget can be configured to show time in different time zone. So if you add a few clocks to the same home screen and set each clock to show various time zone times - you'll get a very handy world clock this way. Clocks show also current date of its time zone, so a minus one date indicates yesterday and a plus one date indicates tomorrow.

Downloadable Skins - there is over 100 clock skins, you can download and use to customize the clock widgets. Put an unique clock on every screen of your Android device and recognize more quickly which screen you're navigating.

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Android 2.1
API Level 7
Current Version
Price: $2.49
Version: 1.00
File Size: 1 MB
Last Update: 15 July 2011
Version history
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