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Design Your Own Functional Desktop Clock !

You know, there is a trillion desktop clock applications out there and a few thousands of them lets You also create your own clock - by providing bitmaps and customizing some clock aspects, such as colors and fonts.

But, how do You create Your very own functional clock design ?

Currently - there is only one answer to this question: Vector Clock Designer.
Vector Clock Designer with opened Clock Design.

Vector Clock Designer - is first software of its kind, providing full high-fidelity vector graphics editor dedicated to creation and design of fully functional desktop clocks.

Have a look around - all clocks, You can find on this site, were created in Vector Clock Designer. You can even download clocks source files, open it in Designer and redesign them.

Vector Clock Designer - is sophisticated and robust software for functional clock designs. Allows detailed creation of all internal aspects of a clock - background, hands and time related stuff (eg. dates, alarms, countdowns, animations, etc), glass and clock interface controls. It organizes individual clock components into the hierarchical tree with special editors for each tree item type.

Vector Graphics Engine used in Clock Designer provides in software high-quality anti-aliased 2D graphics with subpixel accuracy (high-precision). That means, no hardware acceleration is required and clocks created in Designer runs virtually on any Windows PC (starting from WinXP & up).

In Easy Mode - You can create Your clock by dragging and dropping clock components such as clock backgrounds, faces, hands, glasses, etc., from pre-loaded clock components library.

In Expert Mode - You can design in very detail every little aspect of the clock. Mostly, it is a drawing sequence for the clock engine such as lines, rectangles, circles, SVG paths, images, fills, strokes, colors, gradients, shadows and all common aspects of typical Vector Graphics. Plus special objects which makes the clock work (eg. alarm & countdown objects, face elements for hours & minutes, etc).

When You're done with Your functional clock design, just push the "Install Clock to Desktop" icon and Your clock will appear on desktop - and will fully work as an alarm desktop clock. You can leave Designer and keep running Your very own functional clock design on Your desktop.

Best of all - Vector Clock Designer software is FREE.

How to create custom Vector Clock

[HD Video on Youtube]

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Last Update: 18 April 2011
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