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08.08.2010   |    Announcing new major SnapDraw 3.00 version
The main new feature is a complete overhaul of screenshot annotation tools. The old version (2.50) had a complicated system of annotation tool settings in dialog boxes and tabs and it was a quite difficult (while powerfull) to quickly pickup and use some nice annotation tool.

In this new version (3.0), the complicated tool settings were all removed from the screenshot application and a new system of ready-to-use annotation tools is introduced. That includes - instant preview of current annotation tool in sidebar panel and a Library of ready-to-use annotation tools with thumbnail listings.

The best part of all is - the (previous) power of annotation tools customization is preserved - in a separate editor (exe) dedicated to creation and customization of own custom annotation tools.

For more details on new features have a look at product version history.


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