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16.9.2009   |    Announcing CrossGL Alpha Screenshot software
New high quality graphics image composition software with screen capture capabilities for Windows 7, Vista & XP including recording of full windows Alpha transparencies.

MicroInvention Ltd.
Bratislava, Slovakia, EU
16 September 2009


CrossGL Alpha Screenshot 1.00 is a shareware application providing following functionality:

  Screen capture with recording of full windows Alpha Transparency/Translucency channel.
  Image composition editor with 3D perspective rendering tool, watermarking and optional background color or image.
  Reflection effect for group or individual set of images.
  Automatic aspect ratio management for producing properly sized screenshots regardless of final image pixel size.
  High quality image outputs thanks to graphics engine with subpixel antialiased rendering and set of resampling filters.
  FTP upload, Send by Email, Copy to clipboard and Save to file functions.

For more details please visit

- Milan Marusinec

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